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Infant Montessori School

Our infant school is a loving, caring and nurturing environment for babies between the age of 6 weeks and 18 months. We love, respect and listen to every infant who is in our care. Our specially trained staff and faculty work hard to mold kids who are naturally curious, have interests that they can pursue and are actively involved in their learning process.

Sights and sounds

We encourage babies to track objects with their eyes, so that they develop an interest in their environment.

Motor skills

We have separate areas for walkers and non-walkers. Each group has its own physical exercises. Non-walkers engage in rolling and other activities. Babies who can walk engage in play activities that encourage climbing and other gross motor skills. We also have activities that encourage pushing, grabbing and other fine motor skills, such as grabbing food from a plate and using utensils.

Dramatic play

We have toys that are suitable for infants. Once they start walking, we give them toys that encourage language skills. The caregivers demonstrate how to use the toys through role playing and dramatic play to teach language skills.

Verbal skills

Caregivers teach language skills so that infants can learn how to have their needs met. For example, if a child points to an item they want to play with, the caregiver reinforces the motion by naming the items. That way the child will learn to use the name of the object.

We also use lots of books, toys, objects, pictures, music, and other learning resources tocomplement the learning process of the child. In the end we know which method works better for each child.

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