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Your kid is always listening when you don’t need it, and never listening when you do. But not just to you – children pick up clues in language constantly, and learning new words is critical for their brain development. Language has a huge impact on our children, whether we intend it or not, and early exposure of different languages can broaden your child’s horizons.

Introducing multiple languages to kids early on has been shown to teach many invaluable skills that have long-term effects, even if the child doesn’t grasp the language itself. The act of learning language can increase cognitive function & brain power and is known to help advance children in other subjects as well. In addition, learning one language can help make it easier to learn another later in life. Bilingual children are known to have better understanding of linguistics and sentence structure as well. These benefits can come from simple lessons on basic words and phrases in different languages.

At Pinnacle Montessori Academy, we prioritize your child’s education, and language plays a big role. Our schools have fun, multi-language activities built in the curriculum to help teach our children basic terms and counting in Spanish, French, and other languages as well. Introducing them to different languages early on provides them with challenging, fun, well-rounded skills that they will carry for life.

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