Frequently Asked Questions

How much cash is required to open a school?

Depending on various factors, a typical project can be 4-6 million dollars. Usually, cash down payment for this size of loan is between 600K to 750K. If owning land and building is not your priority, then the total project cost is $350K-$600K. Typical cash needed in this case is approximately 150K-300K.

How do I know if I will qualify for a loan?

You must show enough cash flow from your existing salary and other income that covers the business mortgage.

What if I do not have the entire amount of cash required for the down payment?

Most franchisees are partnerships. Consider talking to friends and family. This will also help you own a second location sooner.

Can the franchisor find me partners or operators?

Absolutely. We usually have a number of operators, investors and prospects looking for partners in our pipeline. Give us a call at 1-866-333-6867

Is the franchise fee and royalty negotiable?

No. We treat every franchisee the same excellent way!!

How long does it take to open the school?

New school construction is typically a 1.5 -2 years project. Leasing can be possible in 8-12 months.

How long is the franchise agreement for?

15 years.

Can I walk out of the agreement before the term ends?

No. You can always transfer your franchise to a new buyer.

What happens if I decided to quit this business before the franchise agreement term ends?

You should find a buyer for the business. We will assist you in the process. If you quit without transferring, there will be penalties. You should request for FDD to research the penalties.

How do I know if I will qualify as a franchisee?

Must have required cash, a good credit score, and a passion for children and education. Furthermore, an understanding of a broad picture which is tremendous real estate gain in addition the school profits.

What risks do I face in business?

The main risk is competition and location analysis. We have a comprehensive method and detailed analysis that minimizes this risk and one of the main reason franchisees take our particular franchise and is our core strength.

Partnership risks between your business partners are minimized by us managing the work load, effort, communication by training and best practice sharing.

Financial risks are minimized by cost controls, timing, financial planning, cash flow management, and operational excellence.

Am I required to work at my school?

No. Our schools are operated by the directors following the process set by the franchise. They take guidance from franchise support on the daily basis. However, you must be available to look after your business when needed. Please ask about services offered by our affiliate Integra Learn for additional daily operations support.

How much time do I need to dedicate at my school?

With our turnkey support model, you are expected to spend less than a few hours every month checking on reports and attending board

Can we lease instead of constructing a new building?

Yes. However, we strongly recommend owning the real estate due to much greater financial advantage.

What if I am opening in an area where land is very expensive?

A multi-story building design will be considered to save cost on the land.

How many students can a typical Pinnacle Montessori has in one school?

Our schools are typically licensed for 210-245 students.

How do I get started?

Get started today by contacting our franchising team at 1-866-333-6867 or emailing us at

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