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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

I can not say enough great things about this place. Let’s just start off with saying that I was a first time worried Mom that lost sleep at the thought of having to put my 1 year old in daycare. She is very sensitive mind you lol. From the first day of touring (and I toured them all) the front staff Asila and Linda were patient and reassuring. They gave me direct numbers to call because they understood my nervousness. Than you meet the AMAZING teachers! You can not find better teachers that truly LOVE your children and want the best for them. When you leave there you feel comfortable knowing your child/children are in the ABSOLUTE best hands. My daughter went there and was in two different classes as she transitioned into the toddler class they were still patient and accommodating and she still runs to her previous teacher for a hug. On top of it the place is spotless! It is thee best!

Jennifer Clementi

We could not say enough about Pinnacle Montessori and how wonderful the director and teachers are here. My 1 year old has been attending since she was 4 months old. As a first time mom, I was EXTREMELY nervous about leaving my little baby in somebody else’s hands, however, Ms. Asila, the director, sat with me multiple times and instilled confidence and trust in her and the school. It was not long before we came to absolutely adore all her teachers and could see how much they cared for our little babe. We were so devastated when we found out that our baby girl was now moving to her NEXT class within a few months. She was growing, and fast! We were so sad we were not going to be seeing her previous teachers. Well, that didn’t last long….Ms. Kristel, Ms. Ravyn and Ms. Crystal in her new class turned out to be above and beyond what we anticipated. Our little girl took her first steps, (and is now flying everywhere), she learned to eat at a small table with chairs, loves her circle time, and I could just go on at how much they have helped her grow in just a few months. We are so grateful and blessed to have found Ms. Asila and Pinnacle Montessori. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a school that genuinely cared about your child and the family as a whole.

-Brissa Palacios

I have so much to say about this amazing place and its amazing people, starting by Principal, Ms. Asila. As a first-time mom, I had everything planned for my son’s childcare after returning to work and before you ask me, daycare was NEVER on my plans! Well, when the day was approaching, everything I had planned went downhill. Luckily, one my best friends (whose child also goes to Pinnacle) had told me about them way before and I reached out to them to go check out the place and meet its personnel. I will tell you right now that was not an easy thing to do at all, I felt like the worst mom in the planet, how could I leave my 3mo old baby at a daycare…. It was so tough when I look back! But with no family here and not another soul I could trust to be caring for my baby, that was the only thing I could do and HAD to. I emailed the daycare one late night and Ms. Asila replied right away, I was just amazed! It doesn’t matter the line of work; customer service will always be every business first impression! I scheduled a visit the following week and there I went. Ms. Asila and Ms. Linda genuinely nice and kind people. What it amazed me the most was the reason behind why Ms. Asila decided to run a daycare, a very personal reason regarding her own daughter and that warmth my heart; I was truly talking to a mom, a human being, and not just any daycare principal who is looking more towards the profit instead of the care of each child and employee. Nonetheless to say, as a first-time mom and not aware of enrollment do’s and don’ts’s, it was a bit too late to enroll my baby that soon (I had less than 3 weeks). But Ms. Asila seeing my apprehension and I am sure she sees that “same face” in every clueless first-time mom, she went above and beyond to make that happen AND SHE DID! The feature I loved the most was the classroom camera which I had access through my phone, and oh boy, on the first few weeks I was the ultimate STALKER on my baby! LOL Every question I had about what was going on during the day, I would text Ms. Asila and she would reply right back, she would always make sure I was comfortable and the decision that I made was the best, not only for my child but also for my peace of mind. My baby was enrolled in September 2019 and to this date, I receive the same type of treatment as I did on the first day. Especially with the COVID situation, Ms. Asila always placed the safety of their children and staff personnel in first place, all her decisions are unquestionable. I have nothing else to say than THANK YOU! Thank you for all you do Ms. Asila, especially for being this kind soul you are, which I’ve told you that many times. You always made us, parents, feel comfortable, respected, questions answered, you’re always available to talk in person, and the most important YOU CARE; and on my opinion, that’s what it matters the most. Thanks to you, to Ms. Linda and to all the amazing teachers, helpers, everyone at Pinnacle. People like you make the world a better place, especially for our little ones.

-Sabrina Blackwell

Can’t recommend highly enough! We started looking into preschools when our firstborn turned 1 and we definitely wanted more than just a daycare for her. We visited multiple Montessori schools in the area before making our decision, but Pinnacle is the one we felt most comfortable with. Since day 1, our daughter fell in love with all the teachers and staff there. Although each classroom has assigned teachers, everyone at Pinnacle works as a big team and covers each other. Literally everyone there knows who your kid is, and is always willing to help out. The Head of School, Ms. Asila, is extremely easy to work with, accessible in that she’s always willing to take time for the parents, and quick to respond.

Our daughter has developed tremendously due to the guidance at Pinnacle Montessori. They do a wonderful job of caring for the kids, and nurturing their innate desire to learn. Ms. Asila and the staff at Frisco Pinnacle Montessori care and put extensive were quick to implement changes to the school to address the challenges presented by the pandemic which shows their initiative and proactive commitment to the safety and well-being of their students. We really appreciate that they offer daily Zoom meetings with Montessori lessons, story time, craft ideas, music, and interactions with friends and teachers while most kids have to stay home during this pandemic. Our daughter misses everyone and everything at Pinnacle so much, and this helps her not only keep some routine in this quarantine life but also feel connected with her world. We look forward to when she can return to Pinnacle once this whole ordeal is over.

-J & S Chan

My 2.5 year old daughter is coming up on a year of going here, definitely worth the price. I have ZERO complaints. My daughter is always happy when dropping her off and picking her up! I absolutely love that I can watch her from an app on my phone throughout the day from the cameras in her classroom and around the building! If there was an option for 10 stars I would give it!

-Rae Eason

Our daughters have been here for almost 3 years. The teachers and staff are great, they have gone out of their way on many occasions to make themselves an extension of our family. We are very comfortable leaving our children in their care and they are learning a lot while there. They could spell their names by the time they were 2, my 4 year old brings home books to read every night and is able to read it on her own. She’s learning science and math as well. Class time is calm, productive, and effective. I love the Montessori method.

– Dawn Hernandez

My child has been at Pinnacle since it opened and despite a few kinks at the beginning with changes in directors and teachers, overall we truly feel peace of mind with her being there. She is happy to attend every morning, loves her teachers, and misses being there when we are on breaks. I guide myself with how she responds and her level of comfort there and it has always been 100% positive. She is learning so much! The director and assistant director are excellent and always willing to help and clarify for the parents. They have a watch me grow camera system that allows me to view my child through the day which is a huge plus for me. We highly recommend this school to those seeking a student-centered and self-motivated learning environment.

– Melissa B

My daughter has been attending for 6 mos, from the age of 18 mos and I feel the school is doing an excellent job. The teachers and staff are very caring and welcoming and really have the best interests of the children. They are accommodating to parents schedules and my daughter is learning great habits and skills. Excellent and highly recommended.

– Neil Gandhi

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