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How to pick a Montessori school for your child

Picking a Montessori school for the first time can be puzzling. Here are some signs to look for when you are visiting a school

Teachers and children both look happy. The overall environment of the school is positive and can be felt in the classrooms.
Don’t just rely on Montessori certification of teachers. A passionate teacher can do wonders, certified or not. Sometimes certification gives false confidence.
Classrooms are clean and you can see age appropriate Montessori material. A good teacher insists on having a lot of Montessori material to work with and uses all of it (so it’s not hidden in cupboards).
Teachers are more focused on individual attention and development not on traditional handouts and worksheets. They are directing the child rather than giving instructions or talking in instructional tone to the child.
The children are appearing to be self-directed and working as a team.
When children are moving in a single file with the teacher outside the classrooms, they show curiosity and are well behaved.

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