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What a week to be part of the PMA family! We are expecting exciting changes as our company reaches new heights, both at corporate and out in the field. Just within this year, we are expecting nine new locations, with 13-16 more in 2021. Pinnacle’s Chief Operating Officer, Krishna Bhaskar, began emphasizing the need for re-structuring and zoning because of the increased demand and growth of the company. As a result, this week Pinnacle has begun recognizing regions throughout the state of Texas. Each major city in Texas has been split into regions in order to delegate and specialize franchise support so our company can better serve you.

The DFW metroplex has been split into DFW East (all schools on the east of Central Expressway), DFW North (all schools West of 75 and East of 35W, expanding to HWY 82 connecting Gainesville and Sherman), and DFW West (all schools on the West of HWY 35, i.e. Fort Worth and surrounding). We are excited and proud to promote long-term director Asila Moghadam as regional director for the DFW East & North regions, with the DFW West regional director to be appointed. San Antonio has been split into SA North (all schools north of Loop 1604 and east of HWY 10) and SA West (all schools west of HWY 10). Karen Macias, long term director with Pinnacle, has been promoted as regional director for the San Antonio. Austin has been split into Austin North, Austin West, and Austin East. Stephanie Wells, who oversees our school operations, will be regional director for all Austin regions, as well as Nevada and Georgia.

Our goal is to have local experts helping the directors so that help is provided in real time and in person when needed. We are constantly hiring and promoting internal staff, so growth and division of regions will continue to maximize support.

Franchise support is one of our top priorities at Pinnacle, and with our rapid growth we are not sacrificing support and care for our franchisees one bit! We are confident that corporate support will strengthen with this new zoning restructure, and we are excited to have you on this journey with us!

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