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Elementary Montessori School

Pinnacle Montessori of Schertz runs an elementary school program for children between the ages 6 years and 12 years.

Our Montessori elementary school children explore a rich curriculum that reinforces learning through meaningful, real-life projects. Our instructors make an effort to create a rich environment in which children are free to explore the joys of learning, while they provide the individual attention necessary for kids to reach their full potential.

Unlike the traditional educational systems, we teach the individual child and allow each one to advance at his/her own pace. As a result, no child is ever left behind and no child is ever bored.

The children have access to many learning tools and materials, to which they can return until they master each lesson. The subjects include:

Language – reading, writing, speaking and listening

Mathematics – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, money, measurement, etc.

Science and nature – geology, botany, anatomy, zoology, weather, and astronomy, with hands-on applications.

Geography – countries, capital cities, cultures, land, water forms, climate, etc.

History – local history, family history, etc.

Life skills – home economics, menu planning, sewing, cooking, social skills, team work, etc.

Arts – music, art, drama, physical education, creative movement, etc.

Technology is included in all subjects, so children will learn word processing, keyboarding, and how to use the internet for researching their subjects.

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