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Start Small But Start Smart

As people advance in their lives, they start to think about their financial future and what will happen when they retire. Many people have grand ideas of what they want for their future or their dream, but do not act on that dream or prepare for it. Why?

There are three main reasons why people do not take the leap into the unknown to catch their dream. These three thoughts come to mind. “If I give up my job to start this adventure, how will I pay my bills?”. “I do not have the starting capital to start my own business.” Finally,” What if I take the risk and it does not work?”.

At Pinnacle Montessori Franchise Company, we try to eliminate all three of these hurdles by our turnkey approach. First, our investors do not have to give up the primary source of income. Our turnkey mode allows our investors to continue their individual careers, therefore keeping the security of income. Our operation mode, helps in the investment by splitting the initial investment with three to five people, making the initial investment approximately 100K. Due to the low amount of investment that is needed, many of our investors invest in more than one school adventure, making their future profit and dream exceed their expectations. Once you invest in one, the cash flow from the initial investment can grow into multiple schools making your future dream a reality.

The turnkey approach for non-operating investors has attracted interest from all over the country and has played a key role in Pinnacle Montessori’s growth. We are increasing our support staff at the corporate and have started the team building in target cities. For more details, reach out to Krishna Bhaskar, Vice President, Franchising at 214-794-5370 or

It is never too late to start.

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