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    Summer Montessori School

    We believe that each child is unique in their own way and so their learning experience should be tailored to fit their needs rather than asking them to stick by a method that does not challenge or stimulate them in the right ways. In the summer Montessori program, we wish to further help the child explore and widen their horizons as they independently experience never before seen or done fields and activities.

    Our goal in the summer Montessori program is to facilitate learning, academic and otherwise, through a practical and sensory means, allowing kids to choose from a variety of fun sports and activities that capture their interest in terms of enjoyment as well as integrated academic enrichment. Not only that, but we also enable the children to grow within their interests and develop their personalities by encouraging them to socially interact with their peers in a constructive and positive manner to prepare the mold for them to transform into well rounded individuals who are open minded and always ready to learn, grow, and improve.

    Our sessions have been designed by experts who care about developing a respectful, peaceful, and nurturing environment for the kids to spend their time in and involve fun activities that incorporate exercise as well as basic skill learning.