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Pinnacle Montessori of Alamo Ranch

Experience a traditional method of education at Pinnacle Montessori School of Alamo Ranch. We are a top performing school in this area because we believe that the relationships that form between student, teachers, and learning is what helps children thrive at any age. By working closely with the parents of each of our students, we are able to create a well-balanced and thoughtful structure through which the children grow and develop a curiosity about the world around them.

Our method is about providing challenge, structure, and support, which we call the educational triad. Think of these three foundations as three legs of a stool. If any of these crucial aspects to learning is missing, our students will be bored, confused, or will feel so often defeated that they will not be able to continue to grow. We focus on the areas of Culture, Language, Math, Science, Sensory Development, and Life Skills. Movement and cognitive activities have been shown to be neurologically and educationally linked. Come try the fastest growing and highly recognized Montessori school in your neighborhood!

We provide several ways for our students to explore and grow in their physical development, help children recognize and correct their own mistakes and learn from them in a caring and supportive environment. W tailor each educational experience to the specific needs of each student and encourage children to work together to succeed in all their endeavors. By combining these methods, we can help our students progress in both their cognitive and social development twice as fast as trying to teach them in a large group setting.

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