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Parent Testimonials

We’re very grateful for the level of transparency and communication of Pinnacle Montessori on Potranco. Especially during the continuing pandemic, they’ve sent updates and follow-ups regularly. When deciding which changes to implement or continue to enforce, the school sought the feedback from the very people affect by the potential change- the families. We appreciate having a voice in our child’s environment and safety. We love seeing what our child will be learning each week as well, and enjoy practicing real-life skills at home that he learns at school. Most importantly of all, our little one is happy here!
Natasha Rivers

Our 3 and 1 year old absolutely love it here! They’ve learned so much already and are excited to go each day. Highly recommend!

Anna Beth DeVine

My toddler has loves his time at Pinnacle. He’s learned so much and enjoys telling me about the “work” he does all day.

Rebecca Lively

We absolutely LOVE Pinnacle Montessori- Potranco. It all began when we inquired about when the school was going to open. Ms Jannice, the director, has been so sweet and informative. She even let us tour the school before it opened! We immediately signed our daughter up. She was there on the first day it opened back in July. Pinnacle a Montessori Potranco is the first school where our daughter has been excited to go every day. She’s learning so much and has socially opened up by leaps and bounds since she started. We are so thankful for Ms Jannice and all the teachers at Pinnacle Montessori – Potranco. Definitely take your kiddos here. You will not regret it!

Leslie Philbert

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