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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer Camp School

Summer at our Montessori School is an incredible opportunity to get hands-on learning in a supportive environment, which will help children develop into more enthusiastic, competent learners, whether they have been in a Montessori learning environment before or if this is their first experience.

With the comfortable parameters of the Montessori environment and the specially trained staff, children have the opportunity to learn about things that they are already interested in and have the opportunity to be exposed to things that may be new to them. They are given the chance to learn things which appeal to them, and receive help to craft an educational process which communicates to them in the way they were designed to learn. They are encouraged to work at their own pace to help them grasp concepts at any stage of cognitive, physical, and emotional, or relational development. Children learn how to work with the ground, how to yield produce, and how to harvest and prepare food on their own. The students are given opportunities to play and learn together in cooperative games and even have the opportunity to play water games.

We create a relaxed, friendly, educational, and fun summer program for many different ages, which makes all families feel welcome and part of the Montessori program. While it often offers parents some time alone, it also enables students to continue patterns of learning which are created during the school year and encourages your child’s interior sense of order and organization.

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