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Pinnacle Montessori of Forney

Our Programs Make Learning Fun

Welcome to Pinnacle Montessori of Forney! We proudly provide excellent education for children of Forney using the Traditional Montessori method. We have ensured that your child has a loving and caring environment for learning. Because there is cooperation and respect in the classrooms, all children find joy in learning. We challenge each child to become the best version of themselves in a nurturing environment.

Our mission is to use the Traditional Montessori approach to educate children by promoting independence, supporting emotional growth and embracing differences.

The Montessori learning method provides children with the freedom to explore their environment to satisfy their natural curiosity. At Pinnacle Montessori we provide that much desired freedom to all children. The variety of topics that is available for learning gives all the children a well-rounded exposure to the world. We prefer to work closely with the parents so that learning continues at home in a loving and safe environment.

Our faculty members are highly qualified and are Montessori certified with many years of experience in Montessori teaching. Each teacher is devoted to helping children by using the learning curriculum, daily planned interaction and enrichment programs.

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The Curriculum

The Montessori method is quite suitable for children with a wide range of personalities and for children with different learning abilities and learning preferences. It also works very well for all types of family expectations. In general, the curriculum at Pinnacle Montessori Forney covers:

  • Language development.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • Sensory perception.
  • Practical Life.
  • Culture.

Pinnacle Montessori of Forney provides an exceptional education for infants, kindergarten, pre-primary, primary, and elementary levels. We also have summer and after-school programs. All our programs are available fulltime or part time.

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