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Infant Montessori School

This beautifully designed classroom is set up for those wee ones who do not walk or crawl and those who have progressed to crawling and toddling. Pinnacle’s specially trained Montessori teachers focus on little ones who range in age 6 weeks through 13 months. The classroom is brightly lit and there are activities planned throughout the day to provide your child the love, attention, and learning, you would expect from a Montessori environment. Our Montessori teachers begin verbalizing to your child, naming the environment around them. Dr. Montessori teaches that the children are in the midst of the developmental stage of the ‘Absorbent Mind’, meaning your little one is taking in data surrounding them at a rate that will be heretofore unmatched throughout the rest of their lives, this stage continues to about the age of six years of age. This is the very reason babies learn their mother tongue without language lessons! There will also be activities for large motor skills, colors matching, shape matching. There will be songs and finger plays, story time, everything the ‘big kids’, also known as ‘Toddlers’, will experience, the little ones will, at their own developmental level. 

The younger children who are not walking or crawling will be held, snuggled, and always loved. We here at Pinnacle Montessori recognize you have entrusted your dearest treasure into our care, with that in mind, feeding, changing positions, diapering, and napping, will be taken care of according to their specific needs. There will be face to face interactions during their length day with us. As they get older and their skills advance, we have walkers, jumpers, soft play climbers, grasping/dropping toys, and pushing toys. Then as they become ready, age appropriate large motor activities and games. The classroom areas of activity are divided, walkers and non-walkers for safety. The Infant Montessori Class will often go for a stroll in the buggy, weather permitting outside, otherwise in the gymnasium.

What Parents Should Know

  • At Pinnacle, our Infant class teachers are specially trained, they are loving and quite special.
  • Your child will be cared for, loved, and looked after like they were our own.
  • Communication is excellent, if you have a need for us, all you need to is to call.
  • You have the option to have camera log-in to increase your ease.
  • We are an American Montessori Society Affiliated School thus we are devoted to our children and families. 

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