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Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary School

The Lower Elementary Class

The brightly lit, beautifully designed, Elementary classroom has all windows open allowing the children a first-hand view of nature while engaged during classroom activities. The Elementary classroom is comprised of a multi-age grouping of students 6 to 9 years of age; which is first, second, and third grades. The elementary level is the academic stage that encourages students to begin grappling and successfully managing the process of time management. They become responsible to complete their assigned tasks, of course with their teacher guiding them to ensure they understand their lessons, and everything is completed on time. Dr. Montessori admonishes that students must first experience success before learning to successfully manage the important life lesson of failure. To be clear, failure might look like not finishing a lesson on time. The goal is to introduce the concepts to the children, one step at a time, so as not to overwhelm them. The concrete subjects they had studied previously when they were younger, they are called to begin the process of abstraction and higher levels of thought within those subjects and more.

Subjects in Elementary

  • Language Arts: The Study of Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Composition, Reading, Writing, Nomenclatures
  • Math:  Operations, Place Value, Fractions, Decimals
  • Cultural Subjects: Science, History and Timelines, Maps, Cultural Studies, Flags, Nomenclatures, Art, the Study of Artists, Musical Composers, Geography, Landforms, Science Experiments
  • Practical Life: Care of Self, Care of Environment, Time Management
  • Peace Curriculum: Care of Self, Care of Community

Each of these subjects allows a crossover of subject matter and the opportunity to create and execute projects either on their own or in a collaboration with peers.

What Parents Need to Know

During the elementary years of first through third grade, the students will mature physically, emotionally, and academically. The Montessori curriculum will provide a foundation that will benefit your child in their future grades and beyond. Consider your child graduating from Pinnacle Montessori Elementary, and moving onto their next academic adventure. They will be prepared academically, not to mention they will have gained the priceless skill of time management. They will also be prepared through the Peace Curriculum to be able to manage any potential disruptions in their social circles as they will have learned how to manage those over their years at Pinnacle Montessori. They will be able to embrace the concept of research to gain the answers as well as for the joy the research process brings to them. They will have the ability to work successfully on an individual level but also at a high-level of collaboration with their peers on group projects. In a traditional setting these skills are not introduced until much later.

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