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Pinnacle Montessori of St. Paul

Children are the gentle saplings that grow into strong footed trees in what seems like no time. With the proper influences and guidance, these young ones can grow up to be the embodiment of an individual who is curious, always ready to learn, and open for opportunities to improve so that they can become a better version of themselves.

At the Pinnacle Montessori of St. Paul, our primary goal is to create an environment so peaceful, loving, and diverse that is not only conducive to learning, but also serves to nurture the child’s personality and attitude to life and learning. We strive to instill academic excellence in our students while simultaneously ensuring that they always feel encouraged and challenged, never burdened.

The staff at the Pinnacle Montessori of St. Paul are experienced and certified Montessori. They help to ensure that every child at the academy has ample space to learn, grow, and express their unique skills and talents. The teachers interact with the children in a gentle and nurturing way so as to guide them in the right direction. Students at the Pinnacle Montessori are always encouraged to explore new grounds when it comes to academics or extracurriculars to ensure that their natural curiosity always remains active and drives their experience at the school.

Our traditional Montessori curriculum is designed to stimulate the child’s mind and allow them to be creative in their expression.

We want your child’s experience at Pinnacle Montessori of St. Paul to be one that shapes their future in the best possible way and we leave no stone unturned to ensuring that this happens. Get in touch with us to learn more about the school, schedule a tour, or learn about the enrollment process.

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    Our Programs


    6 weeks – 12 months
    The program focuses on specific aspects of learning such as non-verbal communication, gross motor skills, and socialization.


    13 – 17 months
    The Toddler program helps to promote independence and cultivate each child’s unique character.


    18 months – 3 years
    The Preprimary program allows children the opportunity to explore and develop their language skills by expanding their growing...


    3 – 6 years
    This environment blends practical life and sensorial activities with social and academic skills


    6 – 12 years
    The program encourages the children to function at their full potential regardless of their age or grade level.

    Before/After School

    “Play is the work of the child.”
    – Maria Montessori
    Before School care is open...

    Summer Montessori

    Our summer sessions have been designed by experts who care about developing a respectful, peaceful, and nurturing environment for the kids.