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Primary Montessori school

Children aged 3 to 6 years old tend to be a bit more independent. This is, however, also the time when, with a little help and guidance from the right people, the child can incorporate various elements and aspects into their personality.

We would not want the child to feel constrained or obliged to perform tasks to the point that he or she becomes frustrated. Which is why instead of loading them with obligations, we give them the opportunity to explore their freedom in a creative manner as we gently guide them in the right direction. Not only does this nurturing and loving approach work wonders as we have seen by experience, but it also serves to develop the child’s personality and attitude as a gentle and cooperative individual.

Our classrooms are equipped with all the tools necessary for optimum learning at this age of academics, extracurriculars such as music and languages, and much more. We provide the kids with fun learning games and activities which encourage positive interaction and promote mental growth.


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