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Parent Testimonials

Rebecca Moulden

We have been at Pinnacle since April 2019. Our son was almost 2 when we transitioned from at home with a nanny to daycare and they helped make it a very comfortable, seamless transition (for both kiddo and parents). Ms. Ileana is amazing in the Primary class for our oldest and Ms. Christi made all of the emotions of leaving a newborn as easy as possible. To be honest, all of the staff has been absolutely amazing to us. They are all very loving to, now, both of our children and we have watched them both grow in so many ways. We are very fortunate to have found Pinnacle when we did! The only issue that we have ever had was handled with grace and professionalism by the management team. I highly recommend them for children of any age.

Carolina Jameson

Amazing place. my son Mateo stayed at home for his first 20 months before we placed him at Pinnacle Montessori. We’ve seen so much improvement in his confidence, communication and social interactions since starting just 4 weeks ago. The staff is so compassionate, gentle and consistently professional with all of the children we are at ease knowing his in good hands throughout the day. We are so thankful for miss Lisa and all of the team members from the owner to the assistants who work so hard every day to give the best quality of education!

Camille Scott

WE LOVE PINNACLE MONTESSORI OF ST. PAUL!! My son is 20 months and has been attending this wonderful school for about 3 months now. I stayed home to raise him for the first year+ of his life, and it was never my plan to have him in daycare. But life threw a curve ball, and after a cross-country move, we found ourselves needing care for our son. Searching for a daycare was one of the most anxiety-inducing and unpleasant experiences. I scoured the State website for highly rated, safe schools and was unsettled by some of the violations I read about. The first school we visited was highly recommended but I cried after our tour. I was starting to feel like I would never find a place that I felt good about leaving my son. That all changed when I took a tour of Pinnacle Montessori of St. Paul! The school is new and gorgeous. Research-backed methods, great toys and developmental activities, age-appropriate outdoor play areas and even a splash pad! The price is very competitive and you have the option to add camera view and meals for affordable prices, which I enjoy and utilize to the fullest. My son loves his school and Teachers and is learning a TON – he’ll often sing songs or repeat words/ideas/concepts that he learned about at school. He comes home each day with an info sheet including mood, vital stats and what he learned that day. The Staff is fantastic – every teacher I have met is engaged, caring, responsible, and you can tell they like children and take their job seriously. My son has already been in two different classrooms and had a great experience in both. They are very communicative about the good and the bad. If anything out of the ordinary happened during my son’s day, I hear about it! When he is having some behavioral challenges, we discuss what can be done at school and at home and we keep each other updated. My son has Casper-level fair skin and needs to wear a ridiculous safari hat if he even puts a toe outside, and they are always diligent about this and sunscreen, bum cream etc. The teachers are appropriately affectionate to the children and respond to their needs in a warm and loving way. I have never felt like my son wasn’t getting enough attention paid to him or like he was getting anything less than the best of care, which is such a huge relief. It’s still hard for me not to be with him all day, but it is a priceless peace of mind to feel good about where he spends most of his waking hours during the work week. This school is not convenient for my commute (Wylie to Richardson) but to me, that’s a small price to pay. Miss Ru is a phenomenal Director who is PASSIONATE about children and their education and care. She is a MANIAC about proper procedure which I LOVE, because with your kids, you want someone who takes no shortcuts! I can tell that she really loves the kids in her school and is very hands-on in all her classrooms. Miss Ru has a wonderful sense of humor and works tirelessly to keep this great school running smoothly. I can tell she cares about and supports her employees too, which makes them happy to work there. The Receptionist Miss Valerie is wonderful as well, she is friendly and lovely and knows the kids by name. She is hands-on with their care as well and can often be found holding a baby or playing dress-up with the kids in the gym. The last thing I will say is that I love the cohesiveness of this team! You can tell that every employee is invested and they all care about the kids and communicate with each other. They all know what is going on – if something unusual happened with my son that day (bum rash, hitting, bad nap, etc), three different people will mention it before I get out the door. No one ever rushes me and they always take the time to discuss my son’s progress and volunteer updates about his development. I love this school and recommend it with zero reservations – DON’T WALK, RUN to register your child at this school!

Nirmal Kumar

Sharing my experience of Pinnacle montessori of Frisco. – My kid goes to Frisco Pinnacle Montessori and I can see a great difference in a montessori education vs a day care. Moreover, it looks like Pinnacle has a good hold on montessori and steam curriculum and they execute it very nicely. And my kid is a clear reflection of montessori culture. The focus on self reliance, childs independent behavior, personality development and understanding easily reflects in my kids overall development. Also, the quality of education a montessori certified teacher brings in a classroom is an unparalleled experience for parents and kids as well. I am deeply touched by montessori education and overall Pinnacle’s understanding and Implementation of this culture in our kids. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your new opening in St Paul / Wylie area. I am very confident that Wylie/ St. Paul parents will have the same experience as mine. All this best to Pinnacle Family.

Valerie Harris

Beautiful brand new campus and with an amazing director!

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