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Pre-Primary Montessori school

We employ the principle of giving children at this age freedom within limits. In our pre-primary Montessori classroom environment, children are thoroughly encouraged to participate in exploration activities that stimulate their natural curiosity while we supervise them and nudge them gently towards the right direction if they get distracted.

At the sensitive ages of 18 months to 3 years, children have a huge capacity to learn and grow and how they are guided in this phase of their life can often dictate huge chunks of their future personality and individuality. At Pinnacle, we analyze each child separately and ensure that they are receiving stimulation and learning opportunities that are optimal for their growth and development.

This is done through activities and daily interactions that are focused on adapting to the needs of the child rather than asking them to conform. Our classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori tools that help make the teaching and learning process challenging. At the essence of it all, we want to encourage positive interaction and use it to drive the nurturing of the children in the pre-primary classroom.


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