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Infants Montessori school

Our infant Montessori program focuses on looking after and providing the optimum environment for the growth and nourishment of children aged 6 weeks to up to a year. A child is extremely responsive and learns the most in this phase of their life which is why it is essential that they spend ample time in an environment that facilities their curiosity and learning process.

In the infant Montessori classroom, the staff care for each child individually ensuring all of their needs are taken care of and the children are happy and content. We encourage children to interact with their teachers as well as with each other under proper supervision. Their experience is supplemented with toys, fun activities, and nurturing interaction.

The goal in our infant Montessori classroom is to create an environment that enables the child to feel loved, respected, and free to choose what they want to do. We create a gentle ambience with soft lighting, music, and children’s items including picture books, musical instruments, and fun learning objects so that they always feel comfortable and satisfied.


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