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Elementary Montessori school

At the ages of 6 to 12 years old, students become confident and independent, wanting to try things out on their own and delve in complex and challenging activities that make them think and use their acquired skills to develop more. Children at this age are eager to experiment and get hands on when it comes to learning and applying new concepts to real life scenarios. We make sure that their desire to try things out practically is satisfied by providing them an environment that is conducive to experimentation, interaction, activities.

By using limited text work and shifting the balance to creative and practical expression, we encourage the students to become quick thinkers, thorough analyzers, and productive practitioners. We also help them develop social skills by encouraging them to interact with their peers under supervision and learn basic etiquette and good behavior.

At Pinnacle, we believe in guiding students towards their path while simultaneously giving them enough room to explore and excel in their personal interests as well. They are given time to share and improve their creative talents and learn new ones in group and individual activities so that they can find their passion or interest.


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